Monday, October 28, 2013

meal planning monday.

oh hello there monday! i kinda wish you'd have gone differently... after such a FABULOUS weekend, i kind of feel like i'm nursing a "the craft sessions" hangover! so much so, i didn't even blog yesterday!
i had photos uploaded and ready to put together in a blog post, but i felt quite unwell and took myself straight to bed when i got home!
a review will DEFINITELY be coming up a little later in the week (probably tomorrow). most likely more than one to be honest, there were just so many cool things happening!!

anywho, meal planning, yes!

tonight, we had the above! i'm super late with this post today huh? they were haloumi fritters (masterchef june '11, pg. 92) with a spinach and red onion salad. i didn't like them much (the chickpea:haloumi ratio wasn't quite right because i didn't use the recommended amount of haloumi, oops!) but bb thought they were pretty nice. though he did make a comment about how much better they'd be with meat... um, nope!

tomorrow night, i'm going to make jamie's dim sum pork buns with the leftovers from last night's roast. hopefully they're ok because bb and i were discussing how we've both not really had dim sum buns that we've liked... hopefully i can create a good experience for the both of us!

wednesday night, i'm hoping to make a duck ragu with rag pasta (masterchef june '11, pg. 34). i've got the day off from work so should have time to source some duck, ragu it, oh and make some pasta. it's been ages since i made pasta and i've missed it! i love taking eggs and flour and making them into silky smooth delicious pasta!

thursday night, i might grab some sausages out of the freezer and whip up some meatballs. they're quick, they're easy and most importantly they're delicious!

friday night, my late night at work (boo!), i'll attempt the recipe i was going to attempt two weeks ago. it never quite happened as i wasn't very well and stayed in bed most of the day! oops!

saturday night, i think i'll be heading out for a couple of drinks and a pub meal to farewell a super good friend that has found a new job. i'm exceptionally sad to see her go, but hopefully her new job will be really awesome!

sunday, i'm going to leave up to bb. it's my full weekend at work and i'll probably be absolutely pooped by the end of it!
probably a bit like i am now ha ha! bed ahoy!

have you had a manic monday? or are you recovering from the craft sessions come-down too? what are you eating this week?

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Kylie said...

those steamed buns (of Jamie Oliver)did look yum - hope yours are the game-changer for you both and turn you around to steamed bun deliciousness!

definitely got a bit of TCS hangover here too - soooo worth it though!