Monday, October 14, 2013

meal planning monday.

after getting super organised yesterday, i was really keen to get my meal plan sorted this week, here goes!

tonight, we're having butter chicken! it's been ages and will be perfect with some nice fluffy rice and some green beans.

tomorrow night, i'll whip up the salmon and noodle fritters i was talking about a couple of weeks ago, they never quite came together because i'd forgotten a couple of important ingredients when i'd shopped! i've got all of the ingredients this week though so we should be ok!

wednesday night, i'll use the leftover lamb from last night's roast dinner (it finally happened, a sunday roast!) to make jamie's bad boy bbq burritos. i'm intending to make my own tortillas using beth's recipe too, though i won't make nearly as many as i did last time!

thursday night, i'll whip up some pesto and cook up some pasta for our vego meal of the week. i think i'm going to try some nasturtium pesto... because that's what's growing in the garden at the moment! hopefully it'll work ok with pinenuts and fetta :D

friday night, i'm working late for something new... i'll grab some beef ribs out of the freezer and whack them in the slow cooker, following this recipe i think. it looks delicious!

saturday, i'm heading down to the country to visit the newly returned parentals! it'll be great to spend some time with them, and i'd say we'll probably eat out somewhere down there...

sunday, we're heading back to the city to have lunch with bb's mum for her birthday. i don't think we'll be wanting a roast after eating there (there is always SO much delicious food when bb's family is involved!) so i'd say we'll probably just have something light... maybe i'll whip up that carbonara i never got around to last week. perfect!

what are you eating this week? do you make your own tortillas? what's something you haven't had for dinner in a while?

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