Friday, October 4, 2013

making plans.

earlier in the year, i made some stash-busting plans.
being 10 (!) months down the track, i thought i'd review a little, and make some more plans too!

not going to lie, there have probably been more balls coming IN to my stash than OUT. i'd best get to work on some of it!

i've still got the same plans for this blankie, but i've got the grey sorted out now too!

the grey is leftover from my granny stripe, so not technically anything new coming in to the stash there...

this ball on the other hand...

i'm thinking i might knit it into this scarf... should make a nice new scarf for bb. his current one is starting to look a bit too loved.

this ball is also a newbie, from my bendigo woolen mills trip earlier in the year.

this one will become socks too! a pair for bb, and a pair for me, and a pair for anyone else who will have them. i've got two balls and i have a feeling it might make a heap of socks!

i picked up this bunch of scraps from the aforementioned trip...

they're all a LOT shorter than i realised, each colour bundle there, is made up of shorter pieces...
i'm thinking i might put together some knitted chains. like the paper chains you used to make in primary schools, but instead of paper strips, i'll use knitted strips!
they should look nice around the tree at christmas time ;D

these couple of balls were gifted to me by my brother when he got back from overseas earlier in the year.

they're acrylic, but super soft! i think i might crochet them up into a ripple scarf... the colours should stripe up nicely!

embarrassingly, this is only a teeny tiny portion of my stash! there's still so much potential in there ha ha!
these projects should keep me going for a little while though...

do you have plans for all the supplies that you buy? or do you have a stash to make plans with too?


Ana BC said...

W"onderful plans, Nicole! I am in love with the Bendigo yarns. I am not familiar, but they look divine :-)

Tammy said...

I have yarn stashed everywhere. Almost went and bought more when the local craft store had a sale but I resisted and now the sale is over. I really need to get to work on making some stuff. Sounds like you've done a lot and have lots of great plans for more to work on. Have fun! Tammy

AnnaPrasad said...

Visiting for Blogtoberfest, love your blog. I try to stash bust, but then I also always buy particular yarn for particular projects. Although I think you inspire me to at least take a look at my current stash and plan something for it for next year maybe.