Friday, October 11, 2013

the fig and olive.

while on my whirlwind trip down to the country the week before last, my cousin and i stopped in at a newly opened restaurant in cowes, the fig and olive.

any restaurant with macrame pot holders in the front window is always going to be a winner in my book, but the food was super delicious too!

i had the claypot garlic prawns. the prawns were beautifully cooked and served in a tomato-y sauce that went perfectly with the crusty bread served on the side :D

my cousin and i purposely got entrees for mains, so that we'd be able to fit in dessert!

after spending AGES and AGES trying to decide what to have, we ended up each having a serve of the chocolate fondant.

it was DIVINE! perfectly gooey in the middle, and superbly matched with the pistachio ice cream and crunchy almond crumble.

it was a truly delicious night!

have you eaten anywhere new lately? where's your favourite place for dinner?

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Sally said...

oh yes... one should where ever possible go the entree for mains in an effort to fit in dessert.