Tuesday, October 1, 2013


or should i say, blogtober!
it's blogtoberfest time once again, and i've signed up over with shells in the bush, this year's most gracious host!
while i probably won't play along with the daily prompts that are around, i'm hoping to blog every day, and hopefully find some fresh blogs to follow too!

anywho, let's have a little september review.
i finished my socks last night (will share the finished product a little later in the week...), enjoyed a wonderful holiday, got some things growing, actually baked some bread, i've got myself a solid study plan (11 assessments, 5 and a half weeks), started on my crafty re-organisation, i donated blood (woo!! i have little weeny veins which don't like to give up any of the good stuff, so every successful donation is a cause for celebration!) and finished my september cross-stitch to boot (which i realised i haven't shared, oops!).
i fell off the running bandwagon (mainly due to my lack of time now that i'm completely re-committed to my studies, hoping i can start squeezing it in though!) and i didn't get any new de-stash plans happening either...
oh well, there's always this month :D

looks like i've got lots to do this month, better go and get started!!

what are your plans for this month? are you joining in with blogtoberfest too?


Ana BC said...

You will have a busy month...but it sound fun :-)

Shells said...

Thanks for joining in with BlogtoberFest 2013, you will have a busy month!

Unknown said...

Yeah for fun to-do lists! I've added the Blogtoberfest to my latest list and look forward to seeing your daily dabblings (love your blog name!)

Dee said...

That's a busy month you have there !
Love the socks and your very first softie on Instagram tonight.
Good luck for Blogtober....am attempting as well this year.