Wednesday, October 2, 2013

green love.

brrrrrrrrrr! melbourne, you know what spring is right? this aint it buddy!
it is a fairly horrid day in these parts today. freezing cold and blowing a gale!
thankfully, i've spent the day inside, which means not too many pictures from outside though ha ha!

i snapped this picture yesterday, as i was about to jump in the car.

my rose bush is absolutely full of beautiful blooms like this!
it would seem that it REALLY loved the pruning i gave it earlier in the year, phew!

speaking of beautiful blooms...

i came home with these two after a quick trip to have lunch with my grandma yesterday.
they're my favourite! such a beautiful colour, and the smell, amazing!
i've got everything crossed that in this sunny spot on the windowsill, they'll open up nicely!

and a little update from last week...

my little tomato shoots are still going strong! at this rate, i'll need to transfer them into individual tubes next week! woohoo!

what's growing in your garden at the moment? is the weather where you are awful as well? what's your favourite type of rose?


Jolene said...

I can almost smell that yellow rose, so beautiful

Polly said...

Gorgeous, I have a huge problem with aphids at the moment. I'm going to try and tackle the little buggers today.