Tuesday, January 7, 2014

that christmas knitting...

for christmas last year, i had grand plans to hand-make some or most of the gifts that i was to give...
i started out strong, with this gift, and this. there was this one too.
but there were a couple that didn't quite make it for christmas...

the above beanie did actually get finished before christmas, however it barely fits my little pin head! it's intended recipient has a much larger head than mine!

because the first beanie i knitted was too small, i'd pretty much given up on the hand-made gifting idea and i felt i could take my time with this second one...
it is still quite small despite casting on an extra 12 stitches!
oh and this one was finished on the train on the way home from our nye celebrations... at 4:30 in the morning!

there is some more good news with the planned christmas knitting though...

these mitts were knit up for my brother's friend.
she's over from canada for a few months so i wanted to make sure she had something lovely under the tree on christmas morning, and i think these fit the bill!

i also managed to finish the socks i had planned for my brother! finished up at 2am christmas morning and they were definitely the WORST wrapped present under the tree! oh well!

did you get some gift knitting done for christmas last year? did you leave it too late like me?

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