Monday, January 6, 2014

meal planning monday.

last weeks meal plan, went more or less to plan... the plan to take lunches to work everyday however, did not go quite so well!
thankfully, i had yesterday off from work and had the opportunity to get well and truly organised for the week ahead! phew!

tonight, i'm going to cook up this thai chicken noodle salad for dinner. and last night i cooked these corn fritters for lunch today. thanks for the inspiration beth!

tomorrow night, i want to try a one pot pasta meal. saving dishes is always going to be a good thing. and for lunches, leftover salad from last night!

wednesday, i'm thinking chicken parmas. it's been a while and there's chicken in the freezer to use up! leftovers again for lunching.

thursday, i'll whip up a fish curry. and for lunches, i'll cook up some beef and throw together a salad.

friday night, i'm working late, so slow-cookering will be happening. chicken drummies again this week, but using this recipe this time. the recipe last week was not exactly a resounding success... quite dry and far too overcooked! not the fault of the recipe though... it was all me! there should be lots of fish curry leftovers for work lunches too.

saturday night, i'm going to throw together some pizzas. one of bb and my resolutions was to stop buying pizza (the convenience to order online, and the value always seems to get us) so home-made pizzas will fill the junk food craving, but be heaps better for us!

sunday night, i'm hoping to cook up a big roast! the plan is to restock our freezer with meat on saturday during the day, so hopefully we'll find a nice joint to slow cook all day sunday. yum!

what are you cooking this week? do you make pizzas at home?

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Lyndel said...

great to see you are keeping up with the Meal Plan, wish I could!!