Wednesday, January 22, 2014

green love.

i spent yesterday outside, in the garden at my parent's place and it was WONDERFUL!
i decided after breakfast, that the garden bed around the front of the house, was going to be tidied. it was completely covered in burnt and dying nasturtium after the heat wave last week.

though not anymore...

it took me a couple of hours, but both sides of the garden bed are now nasturtium, and weed free!

well for now anyway... there were a LOT of nasturtium seeds dropped so i'm sure they'll make a comeback in the next few months.

all of the nasturtium i pulled out, is now residing in the chook yard. being watched over by the watchful eye of the goat.

after losing a chook last week, she's also keeping an eye on the girls, helping to scare away the naughty foxes, and eat some of the overgrowth in the yard too!

while i was digging into the garden bed, i made a little discovery...

some little potatoes! i asked mum when she planted them there, and she thought maybe the year we first moved in... 12 years ago!!!
i'll have to have a look at them when i get home, to make sure they're good to eat, but in the mean time, they look pretty good!

i didn't find these lovelies in the front garden, but instead from the bumper crop being grown in mum's vegie garden.

i was putting them into a salad last night, and it was one for me, one for the salad! so delicious!

now i'm off to muck out the chook house, and change their laying bed straw!
i love my farm time!

what's growing in your space this week? have you found any secret crops?

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Betsy said...

We're coping with freezing fog and ice herein the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. So your summery photos make me very happy. :-)