Monday, January 27, 2014

meal planning monday.

alrighty, i'm excited about this week's meal plan as it should clear a bit of the stuff out of the freezer, it's getting PRETTY full! these few meals probably won't make too much of a dent... lots of freezer meals coming up in the next few weeks i think!

tonight, i'm going to grab some of the leftover roast lamb out of the freezer and whip up a 'save with jamie' recipe. i'm thinking lamb biryani... hopefully it's yummy!

tomorrow night, bb has requested butter chicken. easy. peasy.
hopefully there's some leftover biryani for lunches, otherwise, salads.

wednesday night, i'm off to craft group, so i'll grab a steak for bb, and i'll have something while i'm there!
leftover curry for lunch should work.

thursday night, i'll use up some more roast leftovers from the freezer, and another 'save with jamie' recipe. pork buns this time!
i'll try and get up at a reasonable time and whip up some fritters for us to take for lunch, and some salad too!

friday night, i'm working late, so i'll pop some osso buco into the slow cooker. it should be good with a little bit of pasta.
lunches? no idea. hopefully there'll be some leftovers for bb to take... otherwise, he can make himself a sandwich! creative huh?

saturday night, i'm hoping for home made pizzas. it's been a couple of weeks, and we have dough ready to go in the freezer! should be easy after another saturday of work (thankfully, next two weekends off, phew!)

on sunday night, bb has requested a roast. pork specifically. so i'll leave him in charge of that one!

what are you eating this week? do you meal plan too?

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