Wednesday, January 1, 2014


holy moly. it is a whole new year!

last night, bb and i celebrated by watching the fireworks over the yarra with some lovely company and some lovely bubbles. i had no idea how spectacular the fireworks in melbourne were and i was so grateful as we literally had the best seat in the house!

last year, i didn't actually set myself any goals for 2013, no lists, nothing! a bit shocking for me really!
but you know i've got a list written this year!

1. stop eating crappy convenience food. it rarely tastes good nor is it healthy. it also burns a mighty hole in the wallet.

2. grow and harvest more from my little patch. i feel like my wee garden has gone pretty well this year, but i'm hoping to make it even more productive in the coming year. my green love posts are great at keeping me motivated and out in the garden, finding and nurturing things to share. they'll definitely be staying!

3. knit through more of my stash. i've decided to knit up some more beanies for the beanie festival this year (i'm secretly hoping to road trip there with bb too!) so that should use up a bit of my stash... as well as my planned projects.

4. re-establish an exercise regime. i fully committed myself to my studies to get my cert iv done and dusted towards the end of last year, at the expense of my exercise! i'm hoping to start running again, and pick up a little yoga too. i feel like i'm ALWAYS tense and yoga should hopefully help with that...

5. well and truly commit to saving for a house. bb gets a little scared of saving too much, and not having disposable income to maintain our current living conditions, but i think we could be saving heaps more! hopefully i can convince him as i'm (not so) secretly hoping that we might be in our own home by christmas!

6. meal plan, meal plan, meal plan! i really feel like this will help goal number 1 and goal number 5. meal planning for dinners and lunches will mean saving cashola AND should mean we're eating a bit more wholesome foods.

have you written yourself a list of goals for the year ahead? what are your plans?


Reanna Clark said...
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Reanna Clark said...

Some great goals! I am still in the process of thinking of a few things for my to-do list for the year haha. I was in the city for the fireworks too, they were pretty spectacular! Happy new year!

kgirlknits said...

fabulous goals! Love the beanie project goal, and a road trip would be amazing - hope you get there!!

yoga is wonderful for restoring balance, as i'm sure everyone *knows* but once you start a regular practice, you really *know*!