Thursday, January 9, 2014

my creative space.

this week, i've been putting in a few extra hours at work, getting done all of the things that we can't get done with a store full of people... but i haven't let it cut into my wooly time!

i've got two projects on the go at the moment...

my scrappy heart blanket.
i had run out of wool for this, but took advantage of a sale bendigo woollen mills were having before christmas and bought what i needed.
at the moment, this is my veging on the couch, watching tv project and it's lovely to snuggle down with after dinner.

this guy thinks so too. as soon as i pulled it out, he was there on my lap!
he loves a crocheted blankie!

the other project is a little more portable...

a murano milo!
i carry it around in a little tote bag and get little bits of it done while stuck at traffic lights, while waiting for the elevator, on my lunch break... you get the idea!

i'm not working on much of either today though... last night i picked up a pan that was just out of the oven and burnt my hand! it didn't tickle and meant i didn't sleep much at all last night.
today i'm mooching around home, soaking my hand in cool water and just looking wistfully at these two projects...

what's happening in your creative space at the moment? do you hurt yourself in stupid ways too?

1 comment:

kgirlknits said...

the Milo looks wonderful in Murano - love the way it's striping!

and great to see you working on that blanket again, such pretty colours :)