Monday, January 20, 2014

meal planning monday.

last week's meal plan wasn't quite as successful as the week before was... but i'd like to throughly blame the heat for that one! with much cooler temperatures scheduled for this week, hopefully this meal plan will go a bit more, to plan!

tonight, i'm heading down to visit my folks straight from work. hopefully they will wait and have dinner with me, otherwise, i'm having sandwiches!
bb will be fending for himself somewhat, but i've made sure there's a big juicy steak for him to cook up!
for lunches, there's leftovers from last nights dinner. we slow-cooked because i didn't quite get around to it on friday... and i didn't feel like the recipe i'd originally linked up last week, so i threw together this one. in truth, i didn't throw together anything as i didn't leave myself enough time before work yesterday morning, bb did all the hard work!

tomorrow night, i'll still be down at mum and dad's, so i'll be eating with them! bb can cook for himself again!
and as for lunches, he can have whatever he pleases as i'll be eating with mum, hopefully in between doing lots of awesome farm stuff and maybe even getting a bit of op-shopping in!

wednesday night, i'm home again! so i guess i'd better cook something awesome... and by cook i mean prepare, as bb has requested this salad AGAIN! 3rd week running!

thursday means i'm back at work... simple dinner it is! bolognaise from the freezer? i think so!
there should be heaps of salad leftover for lunches.

friday night means i'm working late, so slow cooking is where it will be at! this recipe should do the job. i've just got to make sure i leave myself enough time to get in on the go this week!
leftover bolognaise for lunches i think.

saturday, i'll leave bb in charge of cooking dinner as i'm working all day!

and sunday, we're throwing a little australia day bbq as a late lunch sort of deal... i'd say we'll be still quite full from lunch, to be too worried about dinner.
i've ALREADY started preparations on the food! there are two dozen sourdough rolls, fresh out of the oven, and into the freezer from last night and this morning to get us started!
i'm really looking forward to it!

what are you eating this week? are you celebrating on australia day?

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