Friday, January 31, 2014

taking stock.

today, i thought i'd join in with pip and her taking stock list!

Making: patches!
Cooking: in the slow cooker. osso bucco tonight.
Drinking: tea. white and peppermint.
Reading: blog posts. trying to catch up on the stockpile in my reader.
Wanting: to stay home and knit all day!
Looking: around at all the tidying i should be doing. and washing...
Playing: with my stash wool, trying to work out what i can knit next...
Deciding: what to have for lunch today.
Wishing: i didn't stay up so late last night. sampson escaped out the back door just as it got dark and only slunk back inside just before 1. very sleepy today!
Enjoying: having the morning to relax and sleep in.
Waiting: for a load of washing to finish.
Liking: that sampson is curled up on my toes. he seems to be a bit sorry for keeping me up and is following me around and looking adorable at every opportunity to make up for it.
Wondering: what to put on my meal plan next week.
Loving: that my laptop is behaving. i was having some cursor issues and it was super frustrating to use. it seems to have fixed itself though thankfully!
Pondering: a slice of carrot cake.
Considering: future blog posts. my brain seems to be on fire with creating blog content at the moment!
Watching: my kitchen rules. so much new reality tv this week! i am a reality tv tragic.
Hoping: my shift at work tonight goes swiftly and smoothly.
Marvelling: at the things these people on my kitchen rules are saying about one another. they really like to stir up the drama huh?
Needing: more tea.
Smelling: lavender on my bead side table.
Wearing: my pyjamas still! so comfy.
Following: karen's amazing work at fringe supply co. her posts are a constant stream of inspiration.
Noticing: that i'm in desperate need of a manicure. i cleaned the bbq last night and my nails are FILTHY!
Knowing: that there isn't enough time in the day!
Thinking: about the future and what it holds.
Feeling: like it might be time to get going for the day...
Admiring: those that are taking part in the year of ethical fashion. i really want to commit, but i think i need to sort out a few things before i can...
Sorting: out my plans for the upcoming month.
Buying: a new iron. my old one is not doing so great... thanks for the tip karen!
Getting: excited for a weekend off next week.
Bookmarking: things on pinterest. always.
Disliking: only an hour til work time.
Opening: emails. and thinking i really need to reply to some!
Giggling: at sampson. he's ridiculous.
Feeling: relieved. there were so many prompts ha ha!

have you taken stock too? would you like to? there's a blank list over on pip's post!


Lyndel said...

Thinking: how amazing you are to do / plan to do all that, and how inspiring your blog is.
Planning: to do more!!!

kgirlknits said...

I love Pip's lists too! Good luck and have fun deciding your next project from the Stash ;-)