Wednesday, January 29, 2014

green love.

despite not getting out and about in my garden too much over the last week or so, it still amazes me to look around and see what's happening...

this flowering vine, that i planted quite a while ago after picking it up discounted from a nursery, is slowly coming into it's own.

the beautiful blooms are really summery and it seems to be putting off new growth shoots all the time!
i think i originally planted this here with the hope that it would grow along this brick wall, making it pretty and green, and i think it could well happen!

a few weeks ago, the greengrocer had whole pineapples discounted, so i bought one, with the express purpose of planting the top!

i let it dry out for a week or so before sticking the top into a glass of water.
i was super skeptical as to whether it would work or not, but check it out! roots are rooting!
i'm hoping to get it into some dirt in the next couple of days and hopefully it will start to grow! wish me luck!

i've been happy dancing all around the place the last week because four out of five of my tomato plants, have little flowers!

i know my tomatoes are way behind the eightball on this one (i've seen fully grown tomatoes popping up on instagram...) but they will happen at their own pace. hopefully...

and the very last, super-duper exciting thing...

an almost red, perfectly-formed raspberry!! be still my beating heart!
if this guy gets eaten by a possum, possum warfare may ensue...

what's growing in your patch this week? do you have home-grown tomatoes already?

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