Tuesday, January 14, 2014

i heart you.


the scrappy heart blankie is complete!

even though i did the majority of the work on it last year, i'm counting it towards my stash busting total for THIS year. which i've decided i'm weighing out...

2014 stash busting tally - 646g.

let's pretend i didn't buy most of the grey for this blankie ok? it'll be our little secret sshhhhhhhhh!


are you stash busting this year? how do you keep tally? what have you finished lately?


ARTwendy ... said...

Gorgeous Nicole .... the colours, texture & design .... keep busting!

Betsy said...

Beautiful! I'm trying to stash bust too with no buying yarn this year. So far, so good but I'm only one week into the new year!


Ana BC said...

Yes! it is gorgeous, Nicole :-) Love it ♥
Ana BC

Megan said...

Hooray! It looks great. Nice and even on the sides, something I seem to have trouble with.

I'm stash busting too, haven't thought of how I'll keep track. So far I've used half a metre of fabric, 5 balls of white wool and half a skein of red. Maybe I can weigh in with you. Although, I've had to buy more purple, orange and pink wool for my stash busting project too because I didn't have enough so I totally understand your secret grey purchases!