Monday, July 1, 2013

meal planning monday.

after a biiiiiiiiiig, and then cold-filled weekend, the meal plan for this week is a little late... but it's here!

today, i took the day off to recover from this darned cold i seem to have caught... so on the way from the doctors, i stopped off to buy all the fixings for some chicken soup! i've downed a couple of bowls, and there are leftovers for lunch tomorrow too!

tomorrow night, i think i'll make the meatballs i was planning last week, though this time i'll remember to buy the tomatoes for the sauce...

wednesday night is ncb night, which means a lovely meal out for me :D

thursday night, bb has requested butter chicken again, but this time with more vegetables! i can't deny the man vegetables!

friday night, late night at work, slow cooker time! i've been meaning to try this drunken pork recipe. hopefully it's delicious!

saturday night, i'm hoping for dinner and a movie... bb wants to see man of steel and i want to see gatsby, maybe a double feature?

sunday afternoon, i'm heading off to the opening of the hottie exhibition! i think i'll pop a roast in the oven when i get home. i've had a hankering for a sunday roast as it hasn't eventuated the last few weeks...

what are you cooking this week? do you have a sunday roast planned?

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PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

I just want that lamb shank!