Saturday, July 6, 2013

little lovelies

i thought i'd try and start writing a list of some little lovely things that had happened to me during the week, once a week.
i figure it's nice, to document nice things. and it'll also help shine a light through the ins and outs of a dull week.
here goes...

this morning, i had breakfast with a friend from uni. we chatted about life and books and boys and pets and food and it was a pretty awesome way to start a friday.

a couple of weeks ago, bb and i bought this bookshelf. we had a fairly big discussion about where to put it, i wanted it in the study, bb wanted it in the lounge room. he won and that's ok because our lounge room actually feels bigger with it in there. strange huh?

the lovely sally made this for me. i signed up to her pay it forward post and she sent me this.

there is a little notebook in there. i think i'll keep it in my handbag and use it to write to-do lists. i could definitely use more to-do lists in my life. top of the list, finish MY pay it forward gifts. oops!

this gnocchi definitely made the list. after the masterclass last saturday, i wandered into the city and found a favourite italian restaurant that i haven't been to in years. i sat by myself and ordered my favourite meal. i dream about this gnocchi.

and lastly, this yarn. i'd never seen it before it was gifted to me last week (though apparently it's around in lots of places). bb's mum brought it back from the uk for me. even though it's a bit strange to knit with, the fact that she saw it and thought of me when she was halfway around the world is pretty special. it put a big smile on my face.

what cool things have happened to you lately? would you like to join in with a 'cool things' list?

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