Tuesday, July 30, 2013


you know that cowl i cast on last week?
well, it's done!

it's a LOT narrower than the pattern states as i completely ran out of wool!
and when i googled where i'd be able to find some more, i found out that it was discontinued!
bit of a bummer, but i tried it on last night, and even though it is a bit skinnier, when it's wrapped around twice, it's still super cosy!

i just hope the birthday girl likes it :D

i've almost got july's woodland sampler finished too!
i did a whole lot of tedious white stitching, based on the positioning of some lettering i'd done earlier in the month, only to realise when i was done, the lettering was one stitch to the left of where it should've been!
gah! i must be the worst cross stitcher going round!

what have you finished lately? are you stitching up a sampler too? are you any good at counted cross stitch?


RobynLouise said...

Nice pattern on that cowl and nice stitch pattern too. I like chunky for Winter knits :). I've only made a bag lately but I did need to do a tutorial on it for a forum I'm in. Now THAT was a learning experience but I was so pleased with how both worked out I posted it on my blog. Probably my first and only tute!
Cheers, Robyn

Katie said...

I really like how that turned out. Love the stitch! I've not knitted anything for ages. Might have to get the needles out again soon!