Monday, July 29, 2013

meal planning monday.

another week of monday-friday work for me, so i made sure i got myself all organised for the week ahead yesterday.
last week i managed to be organised enough to not need to go to the supermarket at all during the week! a mighty feat!
also, my mum won a meat pack over the weekend at her local club, and when we were on our way home from a quick visit yesterday, she packed us up with almost all of it! lots of meat pack dinners this week :D

tonight, i'm cooking up some curried sausages. i haven't made them in AGES! nice comfort food using an ingredient i wouldn't otherwise use unless i was cooking up a bbq (and the weather is NOT co-operating for that kind of thing)

tomorrow night, i'll cook up the steaks that came in the meatpack. i might braise some cabbage and bake some crunchy chips. yum!

wednesday night, ncb night, i'll grab some bolognaise out of the freezer and cook up some pasta before i leave. that way i should be hungry enough for cake by the time i get there :D

thursday night, the last thing out of the meat pack, burgers! with some fresh bread rolls and a handful of salad, they should be delish!

friday, i've got the day off from work for a 'study' day. i'm secretly hoping that bb will get off from work early, and we can head off for a little road trip, making the most of my last weekend off for a couple of weeks, and catching up with a good friend in her new house. it should be a good weekend with lots of good food! i can't wait!

what are you eating this week? trying anything new? road-tripping anywhere?

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Reanna Clark said...

Sounds delicious, and you can't go wrong with scoring free food haha!
I cooked a calamari risotto the other day - that was something new for me. And it actually turned out amazing!