Tuesday, July 23, 2013

polishin' up.

as i mentioned on saturday, i picked up a gel polish kit last week.
on my morning off on friday, i had a bit of a play...

the instructions that come with the kit are quite straight forward.
i'm sure i would've been ok without them though, due to my experience in receiving gel polish manicures in the past.
in fact, the reason i stopped getting them, was that i'd had so many, i knew exactly what needed doing, and when the 'professionals' missed a step, the $35 manicure would barely last a week, let alone the 'up to 3 weeks' that is advertised.
super frustrating!!

the pack that i picked up (from hairhouse warehouse fyi, the special is on until the 28th of july) allowed you to pick two colours yourself.
i chose passion and seafoam. (full colour list here
i applied the seafoam on friday when i was having a play. because it was a very light pastel, i actually did 3 coats to make sure there was a nice even colour.

the finish came up quite well! i was really proud of myself!
it's not the best my nails have ever looked (with a professional job, tha is), but it's not the worst either!

the worst thing i found with this kit was the amount of time it took me!
i'm used to being able to cure one hand, while the other hand is painted (by someone else) but obviously, only having two hands, i couldn't do that myself!
also, the lamp is a bit smaller than the professional ones you come across in salons, so you have to cure your 4 long fingers first, and then the thumb. took a little longer but so far, the finish is worth the time!

the real test will be to see how long they last!

do you get gel polish manicures? have you ever tried it yourself?

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