Saturday, July 20, 2013

little lovelies.

a little list of lovely things that have happened during the week. no matter what crappy things happen, there are always some cool things that get you through :D

i bought myself a new purse! my old one has been looking a little too loved for a while now but i hadn't seen one i really liked, until thursday that is!

i've been falling more and more in love with the tooled leather look and when i saw this, i swooned a little. then i realised it was on sale and i swooned a little more!

this guy was feeling super snuggly on my day off on monday.

sometimes he can be an absolute little jerk, and then he does something like this, curl up, virtually ON my arm, with his little paw curled around my arm. it just melts your heart ha ha!

on wednesday night, i was lucky enough to be the recipient of some lovely wool that someone was destashing, via cam!

it kind of goes against my whole stash-busting that i had planned, but it's ok to accept new wool if you know exactly what you've got planned for it right? right?

i also picked myself up a gel polish kit!

i used to get shellac manicures done far too often, wasting far too many $$$! when i saw this kit on sale, i knew i should give it a try. i'll put together a little review sometime next week...

and lastly, the view this afternoon.
bb and i popped in to visit his mum after pax and as we were sitting, having a warming glass of red, the sun came out and lit up the city.

what cool things have you been up to this week? feel free to share!

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