Wednesday, July 24, 2013

green love.

not much has changed since last week on the edible side of things in the garden, so this week i thought i'd share the floral happenings in the garden!

there are a lot of flowers springing up from bulbs, these grape hyacinths are doing fabulous things, despite that fact that they probably need a good water
these, and others, sit under the eaves of our house, which means they get missed when it rains, and missed by me because i assume that they're been rained on! oops!

these lovelies are almost in full flower, in my front yard, in my neighbours front yard, and all over the neighbourhood!

bb and i bought this hydrangea a few weeks ago on clearance. i've been trying to keep the water up to it (it too, sits under the eaves) but all the leaves have fallen off and i'm a bit worried that it's not long for this world.
keep your fingers crossed for me?

and finally, my rose.
i pruned the living daylights out of it a few months ago, for the very first time.
pruning my rose bush is one of those things i always mean to do, but never quite get around to... which normally results in a ridiculous looking plant come spring time.
it must've really enjoyed the pruning though because the buds i pruned back to (and one's further down) have already started to grow! huzzah!

is much happening in your garden at the moment? how are you flowers growing?


Lyndel said...

got a few things blooming here too. Re your Hydrangea, it needs a good pruning, they have no leaves in Winter. Prune back to where you see bud nodes on the branch and later in spring/summer you'll have loads of leaves and flowers, dont overwater them in winter, they need lots more in summer.

Mistea said...

seems Lyndal already gave you Hydrangea advice. I'd like to say they're a bit like weeds, just when you think they've lost the will to live they take over.
Their are a lot of bulbs flowering in the neighbourhood here at the moment it is nice to walk past and smell the different fragrances.
Enjoy your pretty flowers.