Monday, July 15, 2013

little lovelies

sharing some lovely little things that happened to me this week. keeping me looking on the positive side of things :D

last weekend, bb and i caught a double feature at the movies, the great gatsby AND man of steel. both in la premiere thanks to a RIDICULOUS promotion hoyts were having, it was a dollar more expensive to go to la premiere over the normal cinema, why wouldn't you?
we grabbed some pancakes for dinner in between.
it was an utterly decadent and relaxing night.

with two days off during the week this week, this guy and i had lots of hang time together. it's always interesting to see what he does all day... it's mostly sleeping to be honest!

i popped along to the hottie exhibition and had a great time! you can read more about it here, here and here

towards the end of the week, bb informed me of the second version coming out of one of my favourite games, and i haven't gotten much done since! i'm obsessed! and also have the guilts something shocking...

what cool things have you been up to this week? feel free to share!

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Lyndel said...

sounds like you've had a good week, and may I add the little knitted vest is super cute. I spent the afternoon in Loch in Gippsland yesterday with a friend, nice trip. Wednesday 2 friends and I visited the Hotties too, and lunch nextdoor. Good week here all round.