Wednesday, July 31, 2013

green love.

looking through my garden beds this morning, and around my neighborhood while i was running, i noticed something, and it put a BIG fat smile on my face.


jasmine budding on my front door step. hopefully it won't take too long to bloom, i LOVE the smell of jasmine flowers :D

this little freesia is budding too! if there's a flower i like the smell of MORE than jasmine, it's freesia.
one of my neighbours has freesias planted all the way along their fence and walking past is heaven.

this daffodil is almost in full bloom. i can't wait til there's lots of these in flower so i can justify picking a couple for inside.

and then there is this beautiful specimen. a late blooming rose in the front garden of the house next door. there's no one living there at the moment but i sure am appreciating it's prettiness.

what's blooming in your garden and neighbourhood at the moment?

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