Monday, July 8, 2013

meal planning monday.

oh hello monday! you're here again then? must be time for a meal plan!

tonight, i've got a work meeting, after work, so when i get home i'll cook up fennel and chorizo casarecce. i made it a couple of weeks ago and it was delicious! hopefully it's a hit again!

tomorrow, i have the day off from work! i think i might cook up that roast lamb i've been talking about for weeks.

wednesday night, i'll cook up a curry. i've got the day off from work again so i might go and get some fresh chillies and stuff and make up a paste.

thursday night, i might pop along to brown owls, so i'll whip up a chicken pad thai before hand.

friday night means a late night at work, so the slow-cooker will be busy while i'm working! and it'll be cooking general tso's chicken. hopefully it works out ok, the drunken pork i cooked last week wasn't as tender as i was hoping. not sure if my cooker is on the way out or the meat wasn't quite the right cut...

saturday and sunday i'll leave up to bb to organise. i'm working all weekend! very much looking forward to a couple of weekends off coming up! phew!

what are you cooking this weekend? pop over to pink patent mary janes' blog for more meal planning inspiration!

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PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Ahhhhhh, I do love a good meal plan - and that's a beauty! My spanish chicken's currently bubbling away, and I'm at home to smell it simmer as netball training was cancelled! (Hurrah!) x