Tuesday, July 16, 2013

snail mail.

a few months ago, i signed up to receive a creative pen pal over on the craft revival.
i sent off my first letter as soon as i received my penpal's information (magdalena did an amazing job, painstakingly matching up the almost 200 people who signed up) and i wrote another today.

i pulled out my papers and washi tape and my new favourite pen and set to writing. and then... i was out of letter paper!
i was having such fun, writing and writing, that i nearly ran out of room to sign my name!

as i was packing everything away, i pulled out my 'letter' box. the place i store a lot of the handwritten letters and postcards i've received in my lifetime and had a good old read.

it made me realise how much i love writing letters and receiving mail.

do you love writing and receiving letters too? would you like to be penpals? send me an email (dabblingalldayatgmaildotcom) with your address if you would, i'd love to write a letter to you!

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Karen said...

there's nothing quite like receiving a hand written letter in the mail - I am writing to a friend in Sydney - have been for about ten days now, I just need to stop 'talking' and send it!!
Our two older girls both have pen pals - it's great for their writing and spelling skills as well as being a lovely social thing to do.