Saturday, June 29, 2013


today, i toddled along to the voices of 2013 masterclass at smart artz gallery in south melbourne.
i was a little scared, i'd read over the list of people attending, and the number of people i actually knew was very small! turned out to be a good thing though... i put lots of faces to blog names :D

i managed to take a bit from the masterclass too! there was lots of talk about knowing your brand, and your voice, both of which i think i need to work a little on...
not that i want this space to be all brand-y or anything, i just think it would be cool to be clear with a vision and direction :D

i also learnt a bit about seo (search engine optimisation fyi) and it's something i'll have to have a bit more of a think about (obviously, judging by this posts title...)

despite it being an early morning, it was a good one and it was an event i was happy i went along to!

what have you been up to today? did you have a busy morning?


Mez said...

Was a great morning wasn't it? I was there too! I am enjoying discovering lots of new blogs. Cheers, Mez

Unknown said...

I went too, loved it, and left feeling very inspired