Monday, June 3, 2013


gah! where did may go exactly?
despite it flying, i guess i did get a bit done...
my granny stripe blankie grew-some, i meal-planned, i made some pj pants and made a start on re-organising my craft supplies. i sent off my beanies, baked lotsa bread and finally planted garlic. the possums however, are still eating everything in sight (well actually they're not anymore, because it's all gone!) and i got ZERO assignments done!

all the more to do this month huh?

luckily, i made a good start on a couple of those things on my weekend away! huzzah!

what are you up to this month?


Sally said...

Looks like you've got a couple of assignments to do ... blah!

Happy hooking on the granny stripes - that will be more fun.

Polly said...

For the first half of the month I'm studying for my exam, for the second half of the month...placement!