Friday, June 28, 2013

in the kitchen.

a few months ago, i was absolutely craving a certain breakfast food, from a certain fast food restaurant, that only serves breakfast until 10:30.
unfortunately, this craving came at 10:45...
slight problem.

luckily, there were a few eggs in the fridge, english muffins in the bread basket AND a bunch of sausages in the freezer!

i thought i'd share how to put together some sausage patties today, not that it's a particularly difficult process, but sometimes you just need a spark of inspiration ;)

the best place to start is with some delicious looking sausages. these ones are traditional pork sausages and are nice and fat and scrumptious looking!

then, you want to squeeze the meat out of the cases.
you could cut the skins to get the meat out, but i just squeeze it out either side. then i feed the skins to the cat... he normally annoys the living daylights out of me while i'm making these, he LOVES sausage meat.

i grab out some egg rings and lay them out.
then i grab about half a sausage worth of meat and squish it into the ring to get a nice round shape.
you could put a little less meat in to get a thinner patty, or a bit more to get a big, fat patty.

a batch of 5 sausages will generally get you 10-12 patties. of those, i'll generally cook a few up straight away, and freeze the rest! well unless the sausages have come out of the freezer already, then it's probably a good idea to cook up the whole batch!
the leftovers are great the next day, or you can pop them in the bottom of a muffin tray, and top the holes up with an omelette mixture and bake them in the oven. instant breakfast bites :D

what is your favourite breakfast food? have you cooked up anything new lately?

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