Monday, June 17, 2013

meal planning monday.

oops, kinda fell off the blogging bandwagon last week huh? no meal planning post, no sharing my current knitting project, no sharing much of anything at all!
oh well, onwards and upwards!
i'm back now and ready to share my meal plan for the week (i did write this post earlier, but my newly acquired ipad ate the post! note to self: always hit the save button!)

tonight, after a quick trip to my brothers (he gifted me said ipad, what a legend!) i whipped up a chicken pad thai. i'd intended to cook it last week but came home with all the ingredients, minus the chicken! oops!

tomorrow, i'll cook up a big post of bolognaise! i've got the day off from work to get some study done, so in between reading up on and then writing assignments, i'll keep tabs on a simmering pot of bolognaise on the stove. perfect!

wednesday night is craft night so i'll grab something at the cafe we meet at. last fortnight i had an amazing pizza. prosciutto, fresh basil and bocconcini. y. u. m. hopefully there's something as equally delicious on the menu.

thursday night, i think i'll rustle up all the fixings for chicken parmas. served with fat chips and a bit of salad, they should hit the spot.

friday night is my late night at work, so a-slow cooking i will be. tex mex beef i think. i'll have to make sure i get lots of lettuce and cheese and soft tacos to make sure there's some for me when i get home!

saturday, i'm working. so i think we'll head out for dinner. there's a new woodfired pizza place around the corner that i want to try! will have to remember to book a table though, we popped in last saturday at 6pm and it was already packed!

sunday, sunday, sunday. sounds like the perfect day for a roast! there's some lamb in the freezer that will do just the trick.

what are your meal plans for the week? pop over and visit pink patent mary janes for more meal planning inspiration!

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