Saturday, June 22, 2013

hottie'n it up.

the wonderful curlypops has been busy organising a group entry to the hottie challenge and exhibition being held at open drawer to raise money for the margaret pratt foundation.
when the event was held two years ago, i was terribly upset with myself for not getting my butt into gear and submitting an entry. when i heard it was being held again, i jumped at the chance to participate!
then however, i had no idea how to make my hottie cover... should i sew something? or crochet? or knit? or try something completely new and different?

I came up with an idea though, to knit it, in the same style as i make my beanies. that way it would be wooly and cuddly and cosy and everything a hot water bottle cover should be!

not only do i love the way it turned out, i used up 4 balls of wool from my stash! huzzah!
stash busting AND knitting something cool for a good cause. excellent!

the exhibition starts on the first weekend in july at open drawer if you're in melbourne town.

have you made an entry into the hottie challenge? what medium did or would you use?


Cathie said...

gorgeous! yay you for finishing. Curlypops will love it x

ARTwendy ... said...

looking snugly & warm ... see you there Nicole!

Sally said...

It sure is cuddly. Love it!!!

Ana BC said...

Love your idea. It looks lovely!

Lea said...

It's gorgeous Nicole and I love that it is inspired by your beanies. Well done!