Thursday, October 23, 2014

my creative space.

this week, i've been working on a little commission project. i was sent a picture of some wee little baby booties from a school friend, asking if i could recreate them.
i've been working on them in little stretches, over the weekend, and bits and pieces after work too.

the hardest part, not working from a pattern, has been to get the shaping right...
this was my first attempt.

and the shaping is not right at all!
they look super odd, and this was after many attempts too! lots of frogging and re-stitching went into this little finished product and i was still not happy!

so i started over. completely different tact with the way i was putting everything together...

aaaaaaand much happier! it actually looks like a little boot, which was EXACTLY my intention! yahoo!

now to make another to match... and some cute little ties to pretty them up too!

and just as an fyi, i'm using bendigo woollen mills classic in cream and bendigo woollen mills colonial in grey. both held double and hooked up with a 4.5mm hook.

what are you working on at the moment? do you ever make up your own patterns when you're knitting or crocheting?

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Betsy said...

Very cute little baby booties. I can't imagine trying to make them without a pattern though. Good for you.