Tuesday, October 7, 2014


i pulled my starter out of the fridge a good month or so ago now, vowing that it wasn't going back in, and i'd be making heaps of bread to keep it under control!
i wanted to perfect my loaf, to get a consistent loaf coming out of my oven day after day.

while i haven't quite reached that consistency (to be honest, i'm not sure i ever will with my haphazard measuring techniques) everything that has come out of the oven has been DELICIOUS and bread, and i think that's a win!

the other thing i was hoping to achieve with my constant baking, was experimentation. i wanted to do more with my sourdough starter! and i most certainly have!
there have been lots of batches of sourdough english muffins, and a couple of sourdough chocolate cakes too!
but what kind of experimentation could i do with the average loaf?

well i could double the size of the loaf i guess?
i have two loaf tins, one is on the smaller size, and fits my average dough in it perfectly! the other is a little bigger, and a double dough, well it fits into it like a glove!
it's probably a more similar size to the loaf you'd buy in the supermarket, potentially good for sandwiches if you could cut it thin enough to get your mouth around two slices!

i've also changed up my cooking methods...

this little loaf, i baked in the slow-cooker! which is why it's a little on the blonde side. it has a soft crust and is actually excellent at soaking up soup!
bb is fond of a soft squishy loaf of bread, so i'm hoping i can experiment a little more with this cooking method and bake something that he really loves!

the final thing i've been experimenting with (and probably my favourite!!) is a pull apart loaf.

squishing out the dough as thin as i could, spreading some delicious pesto about and sprinking a wee bit of grated cheddar over everything, before rolling it up, slicing it into little rolls and shoving it into a baking tin.
so delicious fresh out of the oven, though probably not the healthiest! i think i'll save this one for when we're having folks over so that bb and i aren't eating the whole thing ourselves!

what's your favourite way to eat bread?

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Betsy said...

Now I'm hungry! I love bread. How do you get your starter? And recipes to use it? I read your blog often but don't comment very much. That's a bad habit of mine. Thanks for letting me visit.