Sunday, December 22, 2013

oh christmas tree.

i've just gotten home from a weekend away at my parent's place.

we worked hard, getting the place looking great for the christmas AND boxing day events happening there this year.

one of the requests that my mum had, was a real christmas tree so dad and i went for a little stroll up to our bush block with a chainsaw to find one!

the one that we found, and dragged home on mum's little ride-on mower trailer, looked absolutely ridiculous in the house! way too big, and it just looked like a pine tree!
it does look pretty good out on the deck though :D

we'll get some lights and decos on it christmas eve and it should look amazing!

it didn't solve the problem of a christmas tree for the house though...

so i tied together some of the off cuts of the big tree.

it's not perfect, but it'll do :D

what does your christmas tree look like?

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