Friday, December 13, 2013

friday mornings.

one of the unfortunate side-effects of working a full-time gig in retail is late night shopping. for me it means that once a week, i have to work a 'late shift' starting in the afternoon and working until 9pm.
it's not a hugely 'late shift' (particularly compared to my mum, who is a nurse, and therefore works potentially, all hours of the day and night!) and it does have an upside... a morning at home to myself!

because i still have 8 hours of work ahead of me, i generally give myself a pretty easy morning too, nothing too strenuous :D

this morning, there was nothing too pressing on the agenda, so i pulled some bread dough out of the fridge...

and while it rested and baked, i drank tea and finished off another of my christmas knitting projects.

nice, easy, calm morning alone :D

i also threw myself together a nice lunch.

leftover lasagne from earlier in the week and a side salad too!

i've been making a conscious effort this week to take a bit of salad to work with me to have for lunches. it's been nice :D

now i'm off to throw myself under the shower, get dressed and do a wee bit of tidying up!

do you ever get a morning to yourself? what do you get up to?

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Megan said...

I get entire days to myself! Which isn't really as good as it sounds seeing as I only get to see my partner on most weekends. However, I must admit, it is nice to have quiet days of reading, stitching and sleeping in and some occasional baking. I must learn how to make bread!