Sunday, December 1, 2013


goodness me. december.

a super late post today as i am absolutely POOPED! i've worked all weekend, and it was ridiculously busy! phew!

how about a november recap?

in the last month, i FINISHED my cert iv (just waiting for the results to come in...), i finished the blue socks, used my diary more, ate breakfast moooooost days (25/30), and took my lunch to work more often than not. i also knitted up a little stack of dishcloths, and whipped up a softie for mirabel.
i also drank a fair amount of soft drink. not as much as i did last month... but still some. willpower is not so great...
my woodland sampler for november is almost done, just need to steal some sparkle thread from this lady to finish it off!
my christmas plans are slowly coming together. i mostly know what i want to make, or i've already made it :D

now for the month ahead...

what are your plans for december? are you making christmas presents? are you stitching up a woodland sampler too?

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