Wednesday, December 18, 2013

green love.

the tomato edition.
i finally got a chance last week to get to planting out my tomatoes!

there are two polystyrene boxes like this...

one in the back yard, and one in the front.

and i popped one into the pot i had my garlic in.

after a little refresh of the soil that is...

and the final little seedling i had leftover, i popped into the spot when i had some pak choy growing in my vegie box...

it's looking a little bedraggled after #jerkcat dug it over when i let him freerange last night after work! gah!

and finally... i got such a surprise when i took some rubbish out to put in the bin this afternoon and saw this little guy poking up his head!

only a couple more years for it to be actually edible!
i'm sure it will be worth the wait though!

what's been happening in your garden recently? do you grow asparagus too?


Rachelle said...

I do grow asparagus and we got to eat it for the first time this year; it's the third year it's been in; didn't eat all of it though as I didn't want to kill it.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

My tomato plants are huge with lots of green tomatoes on them. They sure need lots of water. If I even forget for one day, they start to wilt and look awful. How fun to grow asparagus. Have a great weekend. Tammy