Wednesday, December 4, 2013

green love.

i feel like there's been lots happening out in my back and front yards over the last week, with the super sunny days we've had, coupled with the bit of rain too. perfect growing conditions :D

i was thrilled to receive this basil cutting from a co-workers mum when i got back from sydney.

i finally got my butt into gear and repotted it over the weekend. hopefully it likes it's new position in the back yard and grows me lots of delicious basil!

my garlic shoots are starting to look a bit sad...

i'm hoping it's because it's harvest time and not because i haven't been watering them enough!

i'll have to consult my two favourite gardening books to find out!

i feel terrible because i haven't picked up either of these two books in months! i think it is definitely why the only new seeds i've sewn are tomato ones!

i know i keep posting about these...

but they're growing at such a rate! i can see the bulb popping up from the ground a bit! so exciting!

and i haven't posted about this plant in a while...

but holy cow, look at my raspberry plant! it is threatening to take over the entire bed!
love it!

what's growing in your patch this week? do you have delicious plants almost ready for harvest?

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