Monday, December 30, 2013

meal planning monday.

as i thought, there wasn't much on last week's meal plan that actually went to plan...
lotsa junk food on the night's that we weren't christmas-ing.
none of that this week though, i am feeling more than a little ordinary after all that junk so i'm hoping to get LOTS of home-cooked meals happening!

and i've got this to help me now...

SUCH a thoughtful and awesome christmas present :D
and i'm super stoked that it includes lunches too as i really want to start taking my lunch most every day in the coming year...

more about that later, it's meal plan time!

tonight, i cooked up the pesto pasta i was talking about two weeks ago! it was super delicious and it got me outside for a bit this morning too, picking lots of nasturtium leaves.

tomorrow night, i'm heading into the city to meet bb after work with a whole lotta picnic gear. cheeses and fresh bread, dips and biccies, oh and some french champagne AND some christmas spiced gin i was gifted by a co-worker. it should be a very nice night!

wednesday night, i might whip up some burgers. i'm hoping to bake up some fresh sourdough, so i might try and make some buns for the burgers too!

thursday night, bb has requested pork chops. if i'm feeling motivated, i might make some potato galettes to serve with them. and some salad.

friday, i'm working late, so the slow cooker will be doing the work. i think i'll try this indonesian chicken recipe.. with some rice and some steamed bok choy, it should be delicious!

saturday night, i've put bb in charge of the cooking. he thinks he might slow roast a lamb shoulder and i am totally ok with that

sunday night, i think i'll put together something from the leftovers. and hopefully there'll be leftovers from that for lunch on monday.

what are you eating this week? how are you bringing in the new year? do you have any good lunch recipes?

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