Tuesday, December 3, 2013


one of my november goals was to knit up some more dishcloths and it was one goal from last month that i felt i could put a big ol' tick next to.

i managed 5 in total. well 5 and a half if you count the one that is still on my needles...
at an average of more than one a week, i'm pretty happy with that total...

though it hasn't even come close to clearing out my cotton stash like i'd hoped... 5 and a half dishcloths down and i haven't even finished up one ball! there is still plenty of dishcloth knitting to go!

i'm hoping to get my cleaning cupboard tidied and sorted at some point this month to clear some room for these beauties to go. hopefully there's a couple more to go in there by the time i do!

did you complete any of your november goals? do you make your own dishcloths?

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Tammy said...

I haven't crocheted in a while. Never enough time for everything and then when I don't crochet or stitch in a while, I find it hard to get started again. I have lots of cleaning and organizing to do, too. Ugh! Not my favorite thing to do, ever. Perhaps I should just crochet. :) Best wishes, Tammy