Friday, December 6, 2013

my creative space.

this morning, i promised myself, that i could stay in bed and read ALL of the posts that had stacked up in my blogreader over the last couple of days.
i am super glad i did because i found out that kirsty is back crafting and blogging AND my creative space-ing.
so today, i'm sharing what's going on in these here parts!

to be honest, it's a LOT of knitting.

i cast on a little beanie (intended as a gift) to use up the scraps from this project and this project.

i'm playing yarn chicken a little as i have no idea how much yardage is left and if it'll be enough. hopefully i'll be ok!

i also cast on a milo on wednesday night when i didn't have the right size needles to cast on some more socks.

the milo is NOT a gift so i most certainly shouldn't be working on it. it's just SO fun! the socks however, i need to get working on straight away as they ARE a gift. i'll get there....

and as always...

there's a dishcloth in my knitting bag too. they're so simple and i can generally get a few rows done while waiting for the elevator on the way to and from work.
i'm knitting in EVERY free second at the moment. i just can't get enough!

do you get obsessive about your craft work sometimes? are you a knitter too?

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Betsy said...

Oh yes! I'm definitely obsessive about my knitting and crocheting. There is so much to do and so little time! :-)

Ana BC said...

Well, you have some wonderful project in progress :-) The yarn for the beanie is delightful