Monday, December 16, 2013

meal planning monday.

i was quite happy with myself last week, as i stuck to the meal plan i wrote, pretty much to the letter.
it very rarely happens as i sometimes can't be bothered, or forget to buy some integral ingredient... but the week just gone, i stayed motivated and made do when i'd forgotten stuff! it felt good!
hopefully i can keep it up

tonight, i'm going to whip up a chicken and vegie stir fry, to go with some leftover fried rice from the weekend. quick and easy, just how monday night meals oughtta be!

tomorrow night, i'll pull the last of the lamb chops out of the freezer, and put together this little dish. while it's in the oven, i should be able to get some stuff done around the house. and by that i mean knit.

wednesday night, is ncb night! the last of the year! i'll grab dinner there and bb can cook himself up something!

thursday night, bb has requested pasta. i think i'll go and raid the nasturtium growing in the front yard again and make up a batch of pesto pasta! if i'm feeling motivated, i might even make up some pasta too!

friday, we're off to bb's work christmas party. it's a day event but i have no idea what time we'll finish up (or what state we'll be in) so i'll have to play it by ear!

saturday, i'm heading down to visit my parents. they're hosting TWO christmas parties over christmas day and boxing day so i'll help them to get everything sorted before hand! dinner will be shared with them which will be awesome :D

sunday night, i'm going to grab the leftover duck ragu out of the freezer and whip up some rag pasta to serve with it. it should be super delicious and easy in case i'm late getting back from mum and dad's.

what are you eating this week? are you making plans for christmas?

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