Monday, December 2, 2013

meal planning monday.

monday again! i'm off from work today, so i'm getting lots of things done around the house AND in the kitchen.
i've got a pot of stock on the stove, using up last night's roast chicken carcass, a bucket of bread mix proving on the bench and i just popped a half finished bottle of wine in the back of the car to start fermenting into vinegar.
things are happening :D

anywho, i've also got a meal plan happening for the week ahead too!

tonight, i'm going to use some of that stock, as well as the leftover chicken meat, to make a risotto. i'll make up a nice big salad to go with it too!

tomorrow is supposed to be a pretty warm day, so i think i'll fire up the bbq (and clean it, it hasn't seen the light of day since last summer!) and cook up some sausages, and some corn! i'll harvest some of the spinach i shared last week and make a big salad to go with it too!

wednesday is ncb night! hopefully it should be a good night, and there'll be lots of delicious options to choose from on the menu!

thursday night should be a bit cooler, weather-wise so i should be able to stand having the oven on for a bit ;) i'll grab a chicken breast out of the freezer, stuff it with some garlic butter and wrap it in prosciutto. should be delicious with some salad and maybe even some oven chippies if i can be bothered!

friday night, i'm working late. osso bucco in the slow cooker should be good!

saturday, i'll be at work all day, so i think i'll leave dinner up to bb.

and sunday, i'm hoping we can go out for dinner somewhere nice! it'll be bb and my 9 year anniversary! phew!

what are you eating this week? is the weather warm in your neck of the woods?

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Reanna Clark said...

Making your own vinegar? That sounds awesome! How does one do that? Just leave a bottle of wine in the car? Sounds too easy haha.
Your week sounds delicious!