Wednesday, July 3, 2013


it is july. july the second, in fact. and that is something i'm not dealing with too well...
we're over halfway through 2013! and i'm still writing 2012 on paperwork at work ha ha! i'm also still writing may on things, forever living in the past!

anyway, having a look back to june, i finished off the two knitting projects i started, knitted up a hottie cover, granny striped (fairly solidly this past week) and got my garden looking a bit nicer.
homework on the other hand, took a back seat. why would i study when i could cook, crochet, knit, cross-stitch, or heck, even clean the house? procrastination at its best!

anywho, plans for this month are as follows...

the top one, it's a biggie!

what are your plans for this month? any big finishes planned?

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Reanna Clark said...

I wish I was this organised! I tried setting monthly goals this year, but I only lasted about until about March haha. Not too late to start again though I suppose?
Good luck for the month!