Tuesday, February 1, 2011

flea market finds.

so i've had blog posts floating around in my brain all weekend but just haven't had the time or means to get the words down and the pictures taken, be prepared for the avalanche of posts to come!

i was completely stoked this week to actually get a chance to pop into one of my local opshops. it feels like it's been forever! normally when i'm opping, i just hang around the edges of the shop. i look at the bags and shoes and haberdashery and books and crockery and pans and such, but on this day, i went straight to the clothes racks and BOY was i rewarded :D

i found this amazing green, lacy, light and floaty dress AND a lacy black camisole to go underneath the dress as it's a little see-through. i did however underestimate the transparency of the skirt, it's completely see through!! i think i may need to invest in a half slip, or perhaps i'll invest some time and pop one together (feeling a little inspired thanks to liesl...)
i also found a cotton lace top, very cute and very summery, however i currently can't find it! probably says a lot about the state of my house at the moment... blogging definitely trumps housework!

as well as my op-shop finds this week, i was also gifted a massive bag of second-hand clothes from my lovely friends who were moving house so had an epic closet de-stash! it's like i've got a whole new wardrobe! now if i could just get some time off work so i could wear some of it ha ha!

there are wayyyyyy more flea market finds over with sophie!


kit and nancy. said...

that dress is gorgeous! is it a portman's dress? i buy so many vintage dresses only to find out they're showing the world a little too much! haha. have a great week.

Lea said...

I loathe sifting thru the clothes racks but oh what a reward. The dress is just lovely.