Thursday, February 10, 2011

my creative space.

yesterday brianna and i went for a little bit of an opshop and as well as finding a new scarf (which i'll reveal later ha ha), i picked up a bag of granny squares ( well i picked them up, brianna paid for them as i had no cash!).

46 in total.
so today in my creative space, i'm sewing in the ends on allllllllll of these granny squares. not so much creative as mind-numbingly dull. luckily i'm down at my parents house so my mum and brother and poor old ancient kitty can keep me entertained.

i'm intending to donate all of these little squares to the lovely sarah london for her crochet a rainbow project. definitely have a look if you are handy with a hook, it's a fairly quick and easy way to help out some people in need, AND you can use up any wool scraps! i've got a few made up sitting at home that i'll send out when i get all of these ends sewn in!

for less mind-numbingly dull, more creative spaces, pop over and visit kirsty.


willywagtail said...

What a lovely soul you are. Sewing in is the worst part of any crochet project and is probably the reason why the maker threw them out! Thanks for the link to the rainbow site. I wasn't aware of it before. Cherrie

Unknown said...

aw thats a lovely idea re: crochet squares, thanks for sharing the link