Saturday, February 5, 2011

grateful for...

this saturday i'm grateful for my big work boots. they kept my feet warm and dry all day at work (and the very wet getting to work part).
i'm also grateful for my lovely little car that works reliably and even in the inclement conditions we've been experiencing recently (horribly hot days at the start of the week, floods this morning). i work about a half hour drive from where i actually live so i'd be pretty much stuffed without it!

today i'm rocking this day 5 look.

only my way, with ridiculous pig tails. 22 isn't too old for pig tails right?

if you're grateful too, play along with maxabella!

hope any victorians are safe and dry after this stupid weather and well actually that everyone is safe and dry actually! being in danger and wet wouldn't be too much fun at all!


Lyndel said...

oh another sweet Scarf Challenge photo. Well done.

Maxabella said...

I worry that I'm too old for pigtails / plaits... but I'm 39 so I think you can still get away with it for years and years and years yet!!! The scarf looks GREAT. I am going to read your other posts as I do love a scarf.

You had a mini-typo on the linky list (con instead of com) but I've fixed it for you now.

Have a great week, Nicole.


RobynLouise said...

Too old for pigtails at 22? Nahhh! DD has her hair in 2 high short ponytails and she's 22 and is a Demonstrator in Charge at Uni atm. As it's in a Chemistry lab her students nicknamed her 'Abby' :P.
Anyway it's been too hot to have long hair loose :(.