Sunday, February 27, 2011

my week in pictures.

and by pictures i mean, you can imagine pictures in your mind. it's been a pretty big week :D

a tea party last sunday, with some of my cousins, lots of baked goodies (like this and these and these of course, but with champagne again and no sugar) and some delicious teas.

another rushed gift, a scarf in less than a week, am i crazy? maybe, but i ended up getting it done... and the birthday boy seemed to like it (phew!)

30+ hours of work, great for the credit card debt, not so great for the blogging.

visits from my mum :D and another tea party on tuesday. lots of tea, lots of goodies.

and 4 delicious home cooked meals for the week. hoping to get 5 in for next week.

unfortunately, no time for thrifting this week so no flea market finds for me.
and i'm back off to work in about an hour for the joys of stocktake. do we really need to know how much stock we have? can't i guess? i guess 3289. yup, that'll do.

hope you've had a great weekend!


Cathie said...

i am picturing lots of yumminess, tea drinking & giggling, but the stocktake..arghhh, that i don't want to picture. too many figures!

hope you have a magical week Nicole ♥

RobynLouise said...

I'll stick with picturing yummies (low fat ones!) as I did quite enough stocktakes when I worked full time. I'll credit some gray hairs to them :P.