Sunday, February 13, 2011

shoes galore!

remember how before i said i was cleaning out my wardrobe, starting with my shoes? well i mayyyyyy have not gotten too far past them. i culled a good half of them, and decided to pop them on ebay (credit card debt is getting to me!)
i quickly rigged up a little photo shoot area with a vintage sheet and a couple of props and started snapping away. i thought i'd share the pictures with you, in case anyone's interested... (and a size 5/6/7!). i'll edit back and put the listing addresses in when i list them on ebay!

metallic bronze coloured heels with ankle strap. size 6. unknown brand. now on ebay.

black and purple heel with pearl and diamante feature buckle. size 6 (us). "zoom" brand.

bottle green heels with ankle strap. size 5 (us). "zoom" brand. now on ebay.

dark silver, webbed ballet flats with black ruffled bow feature. size 37. "blowfish" brand. now on ebay.

leopard print ballet flats. size 37. "delirium" brand.

red satin heels. size 6B. "gucci" brand. now on ebay.

strappy gold/bronze heels with frill feature on toe and ankle. size 36. "imagination" brand. now on ebay.

blue and black heel with bow feature and star pattern cutout pattern. size 36. "unique" brand. now on ebay.

ok so in truth, maybe i'm only getting rid of less than half, but i need the rest! i swear!


CurlyPops said...

If only I had little feet!

Lyndel said...

nice photos for eBaying!

Snooze said...

You have the teeniest, tiniest feet ... good luck with eBay.

Anonymous said...

Wow Nic, You take great E bay shots. I need help putting up about fifty things on e bay soon ...
Love your green strappy shoes. why arnt they a size 6??? You think they'd fit anyway???
Love, Ky